PRP Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. It is new modality of hair loss treatment, firstly brought forward by Dr. Greco in USA.

Procedural Details
In this therapy, patient’s own blood is taken and sent to lab to prepare a layer of plasma, rich in platelets and different growth factors. It is then injected into the scalp with hair thinning/loss. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia to make it nearly pain free. Scalp roller with 1mm fine needles is subsequently used over the treated area to stimulate the stem cells as well as to increase the blood supply leading to better hair growth. Topical antibiotics are then applied on the scalp before sending a patient home. Patient can shampoo next day morning as usual.

Where is this modality effective?
PRP seems to work better in patients with diffuse hair thinning caused by any cause including alopecia androgenetica (common baldness). It also found to be effective in alopecia areata. It is not that much effective in patients with complete baldness and scarring alopecia. It can be used in conjunction with minoxidil, finasteride & hair replacement surgery (hair transplant).

How does it work?
It is a biological therapy. Prepared plasma contains platelets which are numerous than in normal blood. It has different growth factors especially PDGF and VEGF. Both these factors have significant positive effects on hair growth. PRP may actually wake up dormant stem cells in the follicles giving new hair growth. So this therapy gives strength to the existing hair, reduce hair fall and likely to increase the actual number of hair by stimulating the stem cells.

When to see the progress?
Generally hair shaft become thicker and looks more lustrous with reduction in hair fall within 4-6 weeks while new growth is likely in about 4 months.

Safety Criteria
As patients own plasma is used, it is unlikely to risk in anyway. No untoward side effects have been reported so far except some patients might feel burning/soreness sensation which last for a day or so.

What is the frequency of PRP?
In case of active hair fall, one is likely to need to repeat this therapy once in a month for 4-6 months.
In case of Anti-aging Therapy/Facial Rejuvenation, one should repeat it once in 6 to 8 weeks for minimum 4 sittings.

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