About SKINIC- The Complete Skin And Hair Clinic

Established in 2011, SKINIC offers standard & latest treatment for all, at the most reasonable and affordable cost possible.

Founded by Dr. Vibhor Kaushal M.D., Dermatologist from renowned Kasturba Medical College , Mangalore with the vision of providing standardized skin care under one roof. Hence the emphasis is on precisely customized & personalized care suited for Indian skin.

Spread over 1350 sq. ft. area , comprising state-of-the-art consultation chamber, procedure rooms, in house pharmacy ,making in a distinguished private academic practice house in Agra.

We, at SKINIC works on Patient first values . We adhere to highest quality of medical instruments, using them ethically & rationally for the benefit of our patients.

The centre has aesthetically & beautifully designed state of art top quality consulting room, waiting lounge and treatment rooms equipped with most modern equipments.

Clinical dermatology , pediatric dermatology , cosmetology and dermatosurgery services are available under one roof for the convenience of our patients.

Skinic Pharmacy

  • SKINIC also maintains a comprehensive on-site Pharmacy. This means that in most cases you can pick up your prescription straight after your appointment. Both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are available.


  • I am satisfied with the procedure and would recommend SKINIC to everyone in town


  • I am happy with the skin allergy treatment. Would recommend SKINIC to everyone.


  • No dandruff in my hair now. Would recommend SKINIC to everyone in town