Our Services

It includes diseases related to Skin, Hair, Nail, Mouth, Genitalia including Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's).



  • Microdermabrasion: Diamond head

  • Radiofrequency

  • Chemical peels using AHA, TCA, S.A. and Phenol

  • Botox Injection

  • Collagens

  • Lasers – DIODE permanent hair reduction laser , CO2 laser for facial rejuvenation and resurfacing.

  • Surgical Procedures
    ◦ Excision of nevus with sutures of without sutures
    ◦ Repair of ear lobule split
    ◦ Excision of yellow lumps on the eye lids (xanthelasma)
    ◦ Surgical treatment of keloids
    ◦ Dermabrasion to improve scars
    ◦ Punch grafting for non healing skin ulcers
    ◦ Surgical management of callosities on soles / toes without suturing

  • Nail surgery
    ◦ Ingrown toe nails
    ◦ Avulsion of dystrophic nails due to fungus
    ◦ Painful curved nails (pincer nails)
    ◦ Any growing lesion in / under / around nail

  • Hair Restoration Surgery
    ◦ Follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.)
    ◦ Follicular unit transplantation (Strip Method /F.U.T.)

Allergy Management :

  • Detect underlying causes

    • Skin Prick Test
    • Skin Patch Test
    • Skin Scratch Test
    • Blood test by Elisa method to detect igE. Mediated allergies.

  • Once Allergens are detected, allergens specific vaccines are prepared for immunotherapy.

  • The testing and immunotherapy is likely to help patients suffering from atopic eczema, Urticaria, Rhinitis (Nose Allergy), Asthma, Food Allergy, Pollen Allergy, Allergy different dusts, Fungi, Pollens, Dust mite , Foods, Different Insects etc.

Keloids :

Different modalities of treatment are provided :-

  • Debulking surgery to reduce the size of keloid along with intralesional therapy.

  • Keloid flap surgery with the use of fibrolytic membrane to inhibit the collagen formation.

Acne :

  • Conventional treatment using topical and systemic antibiotics.

  • Non antibiotics treatment using Vitamin A derivatives called retinoids in the form of topical and oral preparations.

  • Cryoslush treatment for inflammatory type of acne vulgaris which helps to dry the pustular and red looking acne papules. It also helps in reducing superficial scars.

  • chemical peels helps in reducing post acne pigmentation

  • Microdermabrasion improves the acne scaring and makes the facial skin smooth bright and healthy

  • Acne nose with swollen sebaceous glands (Rhinophyma) is treated by radio frequency / laser technique

  • Dermabrasion and Laser for facial resurfacing

Vitiligo :

  • Medical Management

    • Different kind of immunosuppressive therapies
    • Steroidal and non Steroidal
    • Different topical melanocyte stimulant
    • Various adjuvant therapies

  • Phototherapy Management
    • Narrow Band UVB
    • Bath PUVA
    • Oral PUVA
    • Topical PUVA
    • Hand & foot PUVA
    • Scalp comb phototherapy
    • Punch grafting, mini skin grafting
    • Split skin grafting
    • Melanocyte transplant technique

Skinic Pharmacy

  • SKINIC also maintains a comprehensive on-site Pharmacy. This means that in most cases you can pick up your prescription straight after your appointment. Both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are available.


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