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SKINIC offers consultation by prior appointment.

Currently, appointments can be booked on telephone and in person. Email requests are also entertained.

Walk-in consultations are available for emergencies relating to skin; and for routine cases, subject to availability of the consultants.

For Appointment :
Secretaries are available on +91-9012118885 , +91-562-2420188 between 10.00 AM and 8:00 PM (the clinic is closed on Sunday evening and Thursdays)

Terms & Conditions

  • Appointments are given at 15 minute intervals. Due to the unpredictable needs of our patients we sometimes run late and, therefore, to be seen at the appointed time is not guaranteed. If you are averse to being kept waiting, you are advised to seek the first appointment of the morning or afternoon clinics; these slots are guaranteed against delays.
  • We are sympathetic to our patients who arrive late and do our best to accommodate them. This requires some juggling, as we have to give priority to patients who keep to the appointed time.
  • Early arrival does not qualify for consultation before the appointed time. Patients are seen in the sequence determined by the appointment list and not by their time of arrival or reporting at the front desk.
  • All appointments are subject to availability of the consultant and availability of time-slots.
  • Personal emergencies, such as medical illnesses and accidents, sometimes compel consultants to cancel booked appointments. When this is necessary and unavoidable, the appointment staff will call and every effort is made to prevent inconvenience or hardship. Alternate appointments, when practical, are offered.

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Contact Us SKINIC can be found in the heart of Agra city .

Please contact us at:

Address: 33/100 , Upper Ground Floor, Near S R Hospital, Namner , Agra -282001 , India

Phone: +91-562-2420188
Mobile: +91-9012118885