Derma Roller (Microneedling Therapy)

What is the Derma Roller?
The Derma Roller (or skin roller) has the features of a precision engineered medical instrument. It is based upon a simple hand held roller which has 192 surgical steel micro-needles which are able to part the pores of the top layer of the skin without damaging it. The pores close again around an hour later, but during that time, your skin is significantly better able to absorb the lotion (meso therapy) applied.

How does the Derma Roller Work? What effects does the Dermaroller have on the skin ?
The roller is covered with hundreds of minuscule 'micro-medical' needles that penetrate the skin, creating lots of tiny 'wounds'. Your skin responds by producing extra collagen to 'heal' the punctures, and that's what plumps up the skin again and enhances the natural blood supply - so you get a natural 'glow'.

How fast does the Derma Roller get results?
Of course, the speed at which you will get results depends on what you are treating and how extensively your body needs to remodel the affected area. This process of skin remodelling can go on for months after each Derma Roller treatment, but noticeable results can be seen within a week! Your skin naturally renews itself every 40 days, so with a little stimulation changes can be dramatic and fast. The Derma Roller course takes four sessions every two to four weeks, depending on how damaged your skin is.

What are the side effects of a Dermaroller procedure?
There are virtually no negative side effects, and none have ever been reported in over 150,000 procedures performed worldwide.

Where all Dermaroller is helpful?